What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that offers individualised and tailored treatments suitable for all ages, from new-born babies through to the elderly.

Treatments help the mind and body to relax.
When relaxed, our fight or flight (anxiety) response is switched off, tension is reduced and our blood and oxygen supply is improved, meaning the organs and systems throughout our body can work more efficiently.
This can result in an increased sense of wellbeing and a reduction in unwanted symptoms.

Reflexology does not diagnose or cure.
It is thought to work via the nervous system and that by stimulating peripheral nerves (those on the hand, feet, face or ears) messages are sent to the central nervous system which reduces the stress response.  This can alleviate a variety of physical and psychological symptoms such as pain, stress, fertility issues and digestive difficulties.

Different areas (known as reflexes) of the feet and hands correspond to different organs and systems in the body (click on pictures below for foot/hand maps). Applying pressure and working these different reflexes helps induce a sense of relaxation and restores balance and encourages healing resulting in physiological and psychological change.

Foot Map

Hand Map

What happens in a Reflexology Session?

Based on an initial 15 minute consultation in your first session to determine your needs, you will receive a tailormade treatment focussing on certain reflexes.

You will be invited to remove your shoes and socks, or jewellery for hands, and to sit back comfortably in a chair or lie on a couch. The treatment will be carried out using cream, oil, wax or powder depending on your preference and need.